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serVonic IXI-Inspector 3.0

Monitoring tool for high availability and security of unified messaging

Olching, 18th January 2010: A new version of serVonic’s IXI-Inspector is available now. The monitoring tool of the Olching-based software manufacturer allows controlling processes of the IXI-UMS Unified Messaging Server, detecting emergency situations and sending reports. IXI-Inspector accomplishes shorter down times and thus contributes to an increased availability of the unified messaging system. Essential innovations of the IXI-Inspector 3.0 are a reworked configuration interface, the improved monitoring of remote servers, new notification possibilities as well as an individual user- and group administration.

An individual user- and group administration allows to enter several users at a time and inform them about an emergency situation in the IXI-UMS system

With serVonic’s unified messaging solution IXI-UMS, also faxes, SMS and voice mails can be sent and received via the regular user interface, e.g. Microsoft Outlook or IBM Lotus Notes. In order to guarantee the flawless functionality of IXI-UMS, companies have numerous control- and notification possibilities at their disposal with the IXI-Inspector 3.0. The monitoring tool, for example, offers an improved administration of remote-controlled servers. In addition to that, error reports are available in HTML- or TXT-format. An individual user- and group administration now allows to enter several users at a time and inform them in an emergency situation. All the users can be notified by default. Flexible settings allow a notification depending on the respective working hours. The creation of individual texts for notifications completes the new version 3.0 of the IXI-Inspector.

Basic features of the IXI-Inspector like monitoring of directories in terms of the number and the exposure time of jobs as well as the monitoring of ISDN-connections are also available in the new version.

Prices and Availability
IXI-Inspector 3.0 is available now at serVonic and sales partners for prices beginning at 227.50 € (plus legal VAT, if applicable).

Press Contact

Angelika Huber
serVonic GmbH
Ilzweg 7
82140 Olching
Phone: +49 8142 4799-12