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IXI-Inspector - the Monitoring Tool for IXI-UMS

With the IXI-Inspector, IXI-UMS features can be controlled. In addition to that, the administrator can be informed about a state of emergency automatically, e.g. by e-mail


Controlling IXI-UMS Services and Directories

Who is in charge of a unified messaging system wants to be sure that the system works without any problems. In order to provide high availability it is important when states of emergency occur, that the required measures can be taken immediately. For these purposes, serVonic provides the monitoring tool IXI-Inspector for its unified messaging solution IXI-UMS.

In general, all the essential IXI-UMS processes can be controlled and the respective messages can be sent therewith.

You can Control:

  • IXI-UMS Services
  • IXI-UMS Processes
  • IXI-UMS Directories
  • IXI-UMS Protocols

Possible Actions

  • Stop Process
  • Restart Service
  • Restart Computer
  • Play Sound
  • Generate E-mail (Sending of SMS, Fax, Voice message also possible via IXI-UMS)
  • Generate Net Message
  • Entry in the Event Log
  • Execute any Program

By means of a directory- and file-control, delays in the queue can be detected. The monitoring is done via fixed rules. That way, e.g. the number and the retention period of jobs in a directory can be controlled. Furthermore, the IXI-Inspector can control whether the rendering- and Kernel-processes of the unified messaging solution work smoothly.
When a state of emergency is detected in the IXI-UMS system, the IXI-Inspector executes predefined measures. It can be determined, for example, that the current status of the IXI-UMS system – by copying of the respective files – shall be backed up. This simplifies the problem analysis afterwards. Single services of the IXI-UMS system can be restarted automatically. The notification with detailed information can be sent to the administrator by e-mail, net message, SMS or Windows Event Log.

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Data Sheet

Find more information on monitoring IXI-UMS with the IXI-Inspector in our data sheet