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Ideas for Home and Garden: serVonic UC at "Richard Koestner AG"

Unified Messaging and CTI at Eight Sites

by Sibylle Klein | serVonic GmbH | Public Relations

Unified Communication simplifies the working life: The users cannot only send, receive and administer e-mails, faxes and voice mails at their workstation-PC, but also control their telephone or start a call by pushing a button, for example. Already back in the year 2006, “Richard Koestner AG” recognized the advantages of Unified Communication and decided to implement serVonic’s solutions IXI-UMS and IXI-Call.

A chainsaw from the portfolio of “Richard Koestner AG“
A chainsaw from the portfolio of “Richard Koestner AG“. Source: Richard Koestner AG

The Company: "Richard Koestner AG"

The foundation for the company “Richard Koestner AG” as it is today has already been laid in the year 1934: The company founder, Mr. Richard Koestner, purchased an iron- and coal merchant’s business with two employees in Neustadt an der Aisch (Germany). Nowadays, the number of employees has grown to about 440 at several further sites in Germany, e.g. in Ansbach, Bamberg, Forchheim, Munich, Nuremberg and Plauen. Moreover, there is a site in Cheb (Czech Republic) and in Kestenholz (Switzerland). “Richard Koestner AG” provides ideas for home and garden, the range of products includes steel, plumbing- and heating-supplies, tools and fittings, gardening- and timberland-devices as well as components. The portfolio contains drain pipes and bathtubs as well as chainsaws, doors and many more. In addition to leading branded products, the company also offers a wide range of services.

Jochen Schmitt, IT-Manager at "Richard Koestner AG"
Jochen Schmitt, IT-Manager at "Richard Koestner AG". Source: Richard Koestner AG

The Requirements

The goal “Richard Koestner AG” wanted to achieve by introducing a UC-solution was to improve the processes in sales and purchasing. Beyond that, the required software solutions should be integrated into the existing IT-environment with ERP-system and Terminal Server. Eight of the eleven sites of “Richard Koestner AG” should be enabled to make use of the UC-solutions via Terminal Server. The employees should be able to send faxes directly out of the ERP-system proALPHA and to start phone calls by pushing a button. When the employee receives a customer call, the respective data should appear on the screen automatically. “We decided in favor of IXI-UMS and CTI from serVonic,” says Jochen Schmitt, IT-Manager at “Richard Koestner AG”. “ “serVonic’s solutions do not only meet our requirements, but additionally offer useful features such as mail merge fax directly out of Word or a fax button for the sending of messages directly out of the Microsoft Outlook Contacts.“ The choice in favor of serVonic’s software solutions has already been made back in the year 2006, upon the recommendation of the company “CANCOM NSG GmbH” in Nuremberg, one of serVonic’s Certified Sales Partners. serVonic’s UC-software replaces the conventional fax machines and the fax solution Comfax.

The Solutions

As add-on solution, IXI-UMS is integrated into available messaging systems like Microsoft Exchange Server and adds the lacking features – according to the customers’ requirements: E-mail is already available; Fax, Voice Mail, SMS and Mobile (remote inquiry) can be added. The user can handle the new sorts of messages with the regular messaging client, e.g. Microsoft Outlook; he does not have to learn a new program. The IXI-UMS Client Tools provides the user several useful fax options such as sending faxes directly out of contacts or Auto fax and mail merge fax directly out of Microsoft Word as well as sending faxes out of ERP-applications. IXI-UMS is designed modularly and consists of an IXI-UMS Kernel for the communication with the available PBX and the IXI-UMS Connectors for the integration into the respective messaging system. The configuration option “MultiSite Operation” simplifies the administration, when several PBX’s, controllers or trunk connections – also of different types – are connected to one IXI-UMS Server.


serVonic’s third party solution for Computer Telephony Integration provides the user at the workstation with typical telephony features: Multi call, alternation, consultation, conference call, hotkey-dialing, starting phone calls directly out of data bases or contacts, caller identification with incoming calls or journaling of all the calls. In addition to that, the solution contains group features such as partner bar, instant messaging or absence notification, which serve for a better in-house communication. The features can be controlled directly via the PC and can be used by all the employees who are connected to the LAN. Expensive feature-added telephones are no longer needed. With the client-/server-solution, the telephones are not connected to the computer directly, but with the CTI-server that communicates with the PBX.
serVonic’s UC-solutions can be installed and provided on Terminal Servers as well as on every machine with Windows operating system. [next]

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Short Summary

Windows Terminal Server
Celeron 3,2 - XP-Professional
Dialogic Diva 4BRI-8

6 Siemens Enterprise Communications HiPath

serVonic IXI-UMS Kernel Version 5.83
serVonic IXI-UMS Fax
serVonic IXI-UMS Voice
serVonic IXI-UMS Exchange 2003 Connector
serVonic IXI-UMS MultiSite

Estos ProCall 3.0


Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
Microsoft Outlook

Richard Koestner


Sibylle Klein
Phone: +49 8142 4799-27

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