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IXI-PCS Professional Call Server in Action: A Short Film Demonstrates the Features for Your Workstation

serVonic's IXI-PCS Professional Call Server is a client / server Computer Telephony software solution (third-party CTI) and offers features for an effective telephony, presence management and instant messaging for your workstations.


Via IXI-PCS, the users can control multiple features at the PBX with their PC and make use of the possibilities and information available in their IT-environment. The IXI-PCS partner bar e.g. offers the possibility to pick up calls and transfer them and displays presence- and busy-status of the colleagues. IXI-PCS connects the PBX on the one hand with the IT-possibilities on the other hand to a powerful and open telephony system at the workstation.

A short film shows the advantages. In order to have a look at the video, please click here

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