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IXI-UMS Connector Released for the SAP-System Landscape Directory

The re-certified IXI-UMS Connector for SAP-systems now has also been released for the SAP-system Landscape Directory.

Via the system Landscape Directory, the administrator receives a quick overview about which applications and solutions from which producer are connected to the SAP-system. This information might also be helpful for the utilization of support by SAP.

In 2012, serVonic already achieved the SAP-certification "Integration with SAP® NetWeaver® with its IXI-UMS Connector 5.9 for use with SAP® R/3® in the category fax-systems. The IXI-UMS Connector 5.9 for use with SAP® R/3® has been certified by SAP for the SAPconnect interface for communication via fax and e-mail (BC-CON 3.1).

Because of the integration of serVonic's unified messaging solution into SAP® NetWeaver®, faxes can be sent directly out of SAP-solutions: By means of the message routing, the system recognizes that the message is meant for the UM-server and forwards it via SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS)-SAPconnect interface for fax software (BC-CON 3.1). The IXI-UMS Server processes the message accordingly and sends it.
UM-messages can be delivered directly to systems with SAP-solutions as well: After having arrived at the IXI-UMS Server and being processed, they are forwarded to the system based on the SAP-solution by means of RFC-based SAPconnect interface for fax software. The respective recipient received the message directly in his inbox.

The IXI-UMS Connector for R/3 systems can be combined with other Connectors like e.g. for Microsoft Exchange Server or IBM Lotus Domino Server, of course.

For further information about the IXI-UMS Connector, please have a look at IXI-UMS as Fax Solution for SAP Systems...

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