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serVonic Web Service: Fax, Voice, SMS and TTS

IXI-UMS Unified Messaging SOAP Connector

serVonic IXI-UMS SOAP Connector: Fax, Voice, SMS and TTS including reports for SOAP-capable applications
serVonic IXI-UMS SOAP Connector: Fax, Voice, SMS and TTS including reports for SOAP-capable applications. Sketch: serVonic GmbH

Olching, 26th February 2014: serVonic now enables a unified messaging web service: The new IXI-UMS SOAP Connector connects SOAP-capable applications with the UM-features for Fax, Voice, SMS and TTS. UM-messages so can be sent in an automated way out of applications such as ERP-systems as well as online shops or database-supported applications like CRM or customer information systems. The reports about the successful delivery are provided SOAP-compatible: They can be analyzed by the respective application. The IXI-UMS SOAP Connector ensures the connection between the applications and the IXI-UMS Kernel. The IXI-UMS Kernel provides the respective service – Fax, Voice, SMS, TTS – and executes the required tasks.

One example for the successful deployment of the IXI-UMS SOAP Connector is the effective alert system for emergencies: Certain data, e.g. water levels, are listed in a system. If these exceed a certain value, the system triggers an alarm. The required persons and facilities are immediately informed by fax, voice mail, SMS, TTS or a combination of these automatically. IXI-UMS here serves as an alert server, the necessary notifications are sent out of the system in an automated way.

“With the IXI-UMS SOAP Connector, we serve another standard interface,” Jochen Klein, CEO at serVonic, explains. “With it, we remain true to our principles and ensure that our solutions and products are based on standards where possible."

Prices and Availability

serVonic’s IXI-UMS with the IXI-UMS SOAP Connector is available at serVonic and sales partners for prices beginning at 1.755 Euro (plus legal VAT, if applicable).

Press Contact

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serVonic GmbH
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