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IXI-UMS Fax Server for Novell GoupWise

IXI-UMS as add-on to Novell GroupWise: As unified messaging system or fax server, the IXI-UMS software provides the message types fax, voicemail, SMS integrated into Novell GroupWise. An own IXI-UMS client is not necessary; users can administer their UMS-messages via their regular client Novell GroupWise or Novell WebAccess. The user management is realized in the Novell eDirectory.

IXI-UMS as Fax Server / Unified Messaging System

for Novell GroupWise 2012

• Fax
• Voice

serVonic's IXI-UMS software allows a seamless integration of fax sending and reception into Novell GroupWise (Fax2Email and Email2Fax). Setting up a voice box and the sending and reception of SMS is also possible. IXI-UMS so can be used in combination with Novell GroupWise as pure fax server or as complete unified messaging system.

Features and Characteristics

One essential criterion for using a powerful and flexible unified messaging solution is last but not least the seamless integration into the IT-environment of a company. With IXI-UMS, this is realized by using standards that allow a smooth collaboration of Novell GroupWise and serVonic's IXI-UMS: 

  • Sending and reception via SMTP
  • Access to mailboxes / remote inquiry via IMAP
  • Access to user data via LDAP

Via this architecture, it is possible to deliver the UM-messsages (IXI-UMS faxes, SMS and voicemails) correctly to the users' mailboxes, to check permissions und to enable users to administrate, send and receive these messages like normal e-mails without having to learn something special.  Which client operating system you use and with which mail system you work,  plays a secondary role. The IXI-UMS Kernel takes care of the rendering process and of the connection to the PBX or the PSTN.  IXI-UMS can be used as UM-server or fax system in connection with IP-based, ISDN-based or hybrid PBX's


serVonic's fax solution IXI-UMS communicates with GroupWise Server based on the standard SMTP. Outbound faxes are transferred for being sent to the IXI-UMS server if the GroupWise Internet Agent (GWIA) is configured accordingly. Inbound faxes and fax sending reports are delivered to the respective users when the IXI-UMS server is connected to the Novell GroupWise Server via the IXI-UMS SMTP Connector.

Single Point of Administration: LDAP for User Management

For the user administration, no separate address book or separate user data base is necessary. The users administration can be realized  in the Novell eDirectory directly - without extension of the schema.


A separate IXI-UMS client is not necessary, the conventional mail program like Novell GroupWise or GroupWise WebAccess is used as client.

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Success Story

IXI-UMS with Novell GroupWise as success story: Stadt Bottrop